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Reliable Trucking Services

J&H transports everything from equipment to dry and refrigerated goods from one side of the country to the other. We also provide refrigerated enclosures for temporary on-site storage, and have the brokerage resources and logistical capabilities to meet your needs.

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Contract Load Carrier

Getting your shipment from point A to point B on time and intact is our highest priority. Our fleet is 2/3 company owned, but we also partner with licensed and insured contractors. Fulfilling shipment contracts is about safety, security, and your peace of mind.

Dry Vans Commercial Transport Trucking Services

Dry Vans

J&H Trucking is pleased to offer extensive dry van commercial trucking for a wide range of non-perishable items. Whether you need to ship pallets, equipment, or other cargo, we can transport your freight from Kansas and Tennessee, and pretty much anywhere in the continental United States.

Refrigerated Vans Truck Commercial Transport Services

Refrigerated Vans

When you’re shipping perishable items that must remain refrigerated or frozen for the duration of the trip, you’ll be happy to hear that J&H Trucking has the refrigerated vans designed to keep your goods chilled or frozen for the long haul.

Flat Bed Truck Commercial Transport Trucking Service

Flatbed Trucks

Not everything fits into a neat box. This is where open-air flatbed trucks offer the perfect solution. With multiple options for loading and arranging goods or equipment, flatbeds are ideal for construction, agriculture, dumping, and a wide range of other industries.

Other Services

With 100 power units, over 160 trailers for dry, refrigerated, or flatbed transport, and a reliable team of vetted professionals, J&H Trucking is ready to assist you.

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End-to-end logistics services that meet all of your brokerage and asset-based trucking needs!

Dry Vans Commercial Transport Trucking Services
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Logistic you can rely on.

J&H Trucking is more than capable of doing the heavy lifting for your business, starting with determining the most efficient way to get your shipment to its intended destination.

With end-to-end services that meet all of your asset-based trucking needs, J&H Trucking delivers the comprehensive and reliable freight solutions every business can benefit from.

Logistical Solutions

For Carriers & Freight

J&H serves businesses large and small with freight jobs of any size. Not only do we have 100 of our own power units and over 160 trailers, we’re pleased to partner with verified owner operators to ensure the capabilities required to get your goods to their destination on time and intact. Our carriers are always fully vetted for your safety, security, and peace of mind.

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When you need reliable transport with logistics capabilities, contact the experts at J&H Trucking today to request a quote.

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Contact us today to request a quote and discover how we can help your business run ore smoothly.